Wild Rose Ranch Haflingers

Soldier's Joy    Haflinger mule   foaled 2009

Soldier was been shown at Bishop Mule Days in 2010 and is entered for 2011.  He is going to be a strapping young man probably maturing over 15 hands. 

Major's Music  Registered Haflinger gelding foaled 2002 SOLD

Music has been on wagon trains and on the trails!  He has been a riding horse for programs for the handicapped.  He has been driven double on a wagon train hitched to a very heavy sheep wagon.  He is a strong boy. Congratulations to Tammi on the purchase of Music.  

Beethoven WWR foaled June 2014

Rev is an " oldie but goodie" for sure.  Rescued from the track in 1992, he has been a great trail horse all these many years.  He would be great for a man since he stands at 15.1 very sturdy hands.  He is gentle and willing and has been used extensively in the mountains  even leading a pack animal.  

 Young Prospects and Foals for Sale

We have five prospects for sale.  One is a Half Arabian and three are Haflingers and one is a Haflinger John mule.  See our foal page for details and pictures.