Wild Rose Ranch Haflingers

Mitzi's Amazing Grace   filly  foaled April 11, 2011  SOLD

Grace sold at our Open House in April!  Congratulations to Susan Wirgler of Shingle Springs, CA.  Visit Susan's Website listed in our links.  She is an outstanding Haflinger trainer and knows quality when she sees it!

Shalimar's Serenade    filly       foaled April 4, 2011       Haflinger

"Sarah"  is a splitting image of her mom with her good size and correct conformation.  She will be a big beautiful girl. Started under saddle and beginning to drive!


Balladeer                  gelding        foaled May 24, 2011  Haflinger

Balladeer is a wonderful prospect for riding and driving inheriting from his sire fluid animated movement and correct conformation.  He has a beautiful head, flowing mane and tail and a forelock to his nostril!  Started under saddle and beginning to drive.  

Rowdy Cowboy  John Mule    foaled June 2013   Haflinger

Handsome young John mule out of UC Davis mammoth jack "Protege" and my Haflinger mare Mitzi. Going to be tall and strong with the classic Haflinger color and a full mane and tail.  


Wildwood Flower  filly foaled April 4, 2011   Half Arabian

Flower is the most agile horse I have ever seen and has the spunk and speed to lead the pack.  Out of my Arabian mare Passion's Hot Ember, she is a beautiful bay with an outstanding temperament.  At five hours old she was doing flying lead changes around her mom.  Here she is at one day old.  She is the leader of my yearling herd but as friendly as they come. She is registered Half Arabian # 

Reba's Wild Rose      filly          foaled April 16, 2011    Half Arabian

This frisky little filly is out of my Arabian mare Akira Nikita.  She is the splitting image of her mom down to her starlit face.  She has inherited her mom's gentle nature and wonderful floating strides.  She is registered Half Arabian #                   Started under saddle and beginning to drive!